The Function of The Modern Household Kitchen

Glass Is Hiding All Over The Kitchen

Ask just about any person where glass is in the kitchen, and they can easily point out the cabinet where drinking glasses are stored. Some people will note that the kitchen windows are made of glass as well as bottles in the refrigerator that contain beverages or store jellies and jams. A truly observant person might point out the splashback has been made of recycled glass media. This is only the beginning of glass usage in the modern kitchen. It is an ingredient in baking pans, kitchen lights and even the smart phones left charging on the kitchen counter.

Glass casserole dishes are a must in the modern kitchen. Time is always a factor in today’s world, and there is no time to waste when cooking in many households. While metal baking pans are available, it is easier to bake with glass because of its even temperature distribution. Even heating means the entire dish will cook at the same rate and no areas will need to go back into the oven to be cooked further. This enables the person cooking the assurance that if one part of the dish is done cooking, the entire dish is finished, thus saving time.

Lighting has long been a place where glass has given excellent results. While clear glass bulbs are necessary for some lighting needs, frosted glass is mainly used in light bulbs for the home. Frosting the bulb distributes the light more evenly from the filament that creates the light. The use of frosting in bulbs lights the whole room evenly to mimic natural daylight coming through a window.

Glass in the kitchen is a resource for fun and entertainment. While many would think of serving desserts baked in a glass pan, or beverages in glasses, there are other ways to put glass to good use. Rainy day entertainment, for children and adults, is an often overlooked component of glass. Sitting around the kitchen table as a family and allowing everyone to personalize a drinking cup with glass decals or glass transfers is a fun experience. Each person in the home has their own glass and a rainy day has turned from gloom to fun.