The Function of The Modern Household Kitchen

In the world today, kitchens continue to play a major role in family life. This room is a hub of activity from morning until night. Families gather when breakfast, lunch or dinner is prepared, share stories and daily events. Holiday feasts are concocted, old and new recipes are cooked and memories are made. All of this happens as a normal part of daily life, but many people never think about how a kitchen is composed. Glass and ceramics are two basic components of everyday existence within a kitchen. They are used to prepare, bake and serve food.

Glass Is Hiding All Over The Kitchen

Ask just about any person where glass is in the kitchen, and they can easily point out the cabinet where drinking glasses are stored. Some...


Modern Ceramics In The Kitchen

Historically, ceramics were originally a combination of inert ingredients, formed into a useful shape and fired in a kiln or high-temperature oven to solidify them....


From Cutting To Baking To Serving

Modern techniques and innovation have changed the face of ceramics dramatically. New ideas have been put into use as more and more information circulates throughout...